Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What to do when Your SSD Claim is Denied

Being gainfully employed is considered a privilege by some people. With a stable job, they can provide for their family and maybe have enough for some luxuries like a fancy car. However, some people can no longer enjoy such privileges if they have a disabling medical condition that prevents them from doing so.

Fortunately, they can apply for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration or SSA. The SSA will then have a disability examiner evaluate their claims to deduce whether they qualify for the benefits or not. Unfortunately, there are times when claims are denied and this can be devastating for the disabled citizens and their families.

Thankfully, they have the right to make an appeal to the SSA and reconsider their decision. At this point, they can benefit from enlisting the services of a disability lawyer to help them make the appeal. Disability lawyers are well-versed with SSA rules and regulations, able to properly guide the claimants on how to prepare for a hearing in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ).

At times, these lawyers can even enlist the help of witnesses that can testify to the claimants’ condition. Former employers and past and current caregivers or physical therapists can also convince the SSA to finally approve the application so claimants can receive the benefits they duly deserve.


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