Monday, August 18, 2014

Appeal that SSA Decision with the Help of a Lawyer

Getting disability benefits is supposed to make incapacitated workers’ lives easier as their disabilities inhibit their abilities to bring in income to the household. While every disabled worker should have access to this kind of government support, not all applications for claims filed with the Social Security Administration (SSA) gets approved.

In fact, according to SSA statistics, 31 percent of over two million applications are technically denied by the government agency, while almost one million applications are further denied after passing through the agency’s 5 Step Evaluation Method. Of those denied, less than 500,000 people opt to appeal their case. The appeals process is relatively straightforward and can be done by the applicant himself. However, it is better that claimants seek the help of a qualified social security lawyer in organizing all supporting documents needed for the appeal.

Although statistics show that most unfavorable SSA decisions are ultimately reversed by a federal court, many disabled workers cannot afford to wait that long and, later in the appeals process, have their applications approved. It is better if one can successfully make his case and reverse an SSA denial at the first appeals process with the state disability determination services. Experienced lawyers who’ve represented countless disabled workers have the necessary knowledge to guide claimants in staging a well-documented and presented case. This increases the appellant's chance of a decision reversal during the very first stage of the appeals process.


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