Friday, May 23, 2014

A Look into the Social Security Application Process

The Social Security Administration (SSA) aims to give benefits to people who have conditions that hinder them from working. Those with physical disabilities and war injuries are among those the SSA gives benefits to. However, certain qualifications must be met before the SSA approves Beneficiaries.

While the application process to receive disability benefits is straightforward, there are some things for people with mental disabilities to keep in mind. They must present sufficient evidence proving the illness and remain patient while they await the decision of the organization whether to approve their claim or not.

Authentic paperwork from a doctor must be presented to the SSA to prove that one is suffering from a mental illness. Receipts of the medication, contact information of the doctor, and other records may help prove that one indeed has a condition that keeps him or her from working and earning a living.

The application process for Social Security disability benefits typically ranges from three to six months. A real blow can take place when the claim is disapproved. When this happens, an individual may consider to file an appeal to reconsider the claim.

Possible reasons for a claim to be denied is that one may have not worked long enough and make enough earnings to pay into Social Security. However, those who only worked for a short period can still qualify for financial assistance through the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.


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