Saturday, January 25, 2014

Questions About Social Security Disability

When you get injured at work and become disabled for a long period because of it, you can claim social security disability benefits. However, you should expect that you aren’t the only one applying for the same appeal. It’s important to be fully prepared when the time comes to face the judge.

Medical Review
In most cases, the court will need to get your injury examined again for documentation purposes. The judge might also ask for details about your accident, the extent of your injury, your recovery process, and other things about your experience. Make sure you’re mentally and emotionally prepared to answer these questions.

Functional Capacity
This refers to your residual ability to do physical labor, not just as an occupation but in everyday life in general. If, for instance, both your legs are incapacitated but still able to fully use your hands, that represents your functional capacity. These questions will also determine your possibility for future employment.

Mental Capacity

Insomnia and clinical depression are just some of the mental illnesses that can plague a person afflicted with long-term injuries. Ask your social security disability attorney about securing proof of any mental problems you might have incurred. The judge will need medical proof in case you want to assert this fact.


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