Thursday, April 3, 2014

Proving That you Fit the SSD Bill

The process of applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits is often tedious. When you underwent a serious ordeal that sapped you of certain physical functions, it will be necessary to prove to the Social Security Administration that you’re not as healthy as you used to be. That said, compensation may not be far behind as long as you clear certain hurdles.
Disability applicants are required to prove that their condition prevented them from engaging in Substantial Gainful Activity– specifically, jobs that pay no more than $1,070 a month. Disabled applicants who work a part-time job can be considered as long as the monthly earnings are not as much as the above limit. A check of the updated medical records also suffices; disability experts claim that the injuries you sustained hindered your body functions important for a certain line of work.
SSD evaluators will also conduct residual functional capacity (RFC) assessments to further flesh out the applicant’s disability situation, based on what the records state so far. The testing can be based on factors such as psychological and physical impairments. The latter will require cross-checking with a list of approved medical conditions. A final hurdle to surpass is when Social Security analyzes the accumulated data to determine if there are jobs where the applicant can still be useful.
Disability is a tough time for you and your loved ones. Fortunately, adequate proof of your woes can help turn things around.


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