Monday, February 2, 2015

Social Security Disability Lawyer Help You Make the Most of Benefits

Accidents and sickness happen a lot more often than people think. Studies even show that 20-year olds these days have a one-in-four chance of becoming disabled before they reach the age of 67. That’s a worrying statistic and many people should be aware of the requirements of Social Security for disability eligibility so that they can be assured of getting the benefits they will eventually need. The basic requirements for getting disability benefits are: (1) a person has worked long and recently enough to get Social Security work credit and (2) that the person is deemed disabled and won’t be able to work. Applying to receive the benefits is easy, but the process usually requires the help of an experienced Social Security disability lawyer like those from Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law. This is because you’ll need to prepare a solid claim and boost your chance of approval, thereby allowing you to avoid possible hearings in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ).


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