Thursday, April 2, 2015

Parkersburg, WV Social Security Disability Lawyer on Compliance Rules

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are what many people who are not able to work due to a disability depend on for money. According to NHMagazine, “Eleven million — one out of every 14 people — are receiving Social Security disability benefits.” The process of getting SSD benefits could be lengthy, complicated, and inconsistent, so it’s best to find a Parkersburg, WV Social Security disability lawyer, who can help you and make it less daunting. People who qualify for Social Security disability benefits must have worked and paid into the system for a certain number of years. The benefits they can receive is based on their average earnings in the years they were covered. They must also have a medical condition that is severe enough to keep them from participating in basic work for at least a year, and the condition must be progressive and chronic.


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